Everything Versus Everything

This website aims to find out, once and for all, what the best thing ever is. It will do this by giving you two random things from Wikipedia, asking which is best, and remembering the verdict. As time goes on the website will gather more and more results, and eventually produce a rankings table listing everything ever, in order of best-ness.

Sometimes the description looks funky, what's up with that?

All the information comes from Wikipedia, which has about a billion (rounding up to the nearest billion) different ways to format the text. I've stripped out as much of it as I can and I'm continually working on getting rid of more, but inevitably some stuff will be missed. You can click the "read more" link to go to the full Wikipedia entry

So what is the best thing? / Where is the ranking?

I've not had time to build the bit of the site that actually does ranking stuff yet. There's loads of code still to be written, but as I follow the Fuck It, Ship It mantra I launched the site as soon as the site had the bare essentials in.



How can I follow project updates?

Get back to work. You really don't need to get project updates on such a ridiculous project as this. If you really care, just revisit the page every now and again. Maybe some day I'll start a Tumblr. Today is not that day.

This stupid website was made by John Kershaw